Inauguration Weekend Opportunities for Action

Inauguration Weekend Opportunities for Action

womens-march-sign2.jpgEver since November 8th, many of us have gone through a series of difficult emotions while grappling with the election of Donald Trump. It's been a tough few months, but it has also led to a renewed spirit of activism and involvement among so many people all over the country. We have seen this right here in Hudson County, with dozens of people attending our Political Action Meetups to plan for how we can fight to protect human rights and freedoms threatened by the Trump Administration. 

We need you to join us as we stand with Young Democrats from around the country at Inauguration Weekend Rallies to continue this fight. There are hundreds of protest events happening all over the country and here are some are great opportunities to take action:

Women's March on Washington, Saturday 10am

Jersey City People's Inauguration: Defend Our Communities, Friday 2pm

Women's March on NYC, Saturday 10:45am

Women's March on Trenton, Saturday 10am

Women's March on Asbury Park, Saturday 12 Noon

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